Mold and Die Making

Our in-house expertise and state of the art mold-making equipment provides unmatched quality and lead times. We offer everything from low-cost prototype molds to high cavitation hot runner production molds. All steel we use is certified to world standards, and of European or Japanese origin. For advanced mold designs, we provide complete molding simulations, offer comprehensive hot runner options, and can implement advanced fill control systems for precision injection molding process control.

Injection Molding

We provide a broad scope of injection molding capabilities to a worldwide customer base with cutting-edge technology and complete program solutions. We offer Custom Automation, 2-Color (2K) Molding, Robotic Insert Molding (vertical and horizontal), and Clean Room capabilities. We provide complete decorating services, including Pad and Silk Printing, Hydro Dipping, Plating and Painting.

Metal Stamping

We provide a wide range of custom stamping options, from light gage reel-to-reel terminals, to complex heavy gauge brackets, to deep draw processing. From simple stage tooling to complex fully censored multi-station progressive dies, we can design a cost-effective solution to fit your needs.

Die Casting

We offer a full range of capabilites including Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium Die Casting. Additionally we use state of the art CNC de-flashing and sonic cleaning machinery to provide a broad range of precision, decorative, and industrial products.

Automation and Assembly

We offer a full range of custom automation and assembly capabilities. We develop one of a kind machinery and provide complete solutions for your manufacturing needs . Solutions vary from simple fixtures to help in the manual assembly process of low volume products, to fully automatic turn-key solutions.